In 2012, based on a joke, we decided to skateboard from Boston to New York and record our experience. Using a network of friends, friends of friends, and strangers we snaked through New England towns in an attempt to rediscover our personal connections with real life places, their characteristics, and their characters. We made a film about the trip called "Backstreet Atlas." Because of a strong response to that film, as well as the down-right sheer joy we experienced in the whole process, we decided to do it again and in 2015 skated from New York to Philadelphia through our home state of New Jersey and "The Backstreet Atlas Guide to New Jersey" was born. It ruled just as much as the first time. So we probably won't stop making films, hitting the streets, meeting people, engaging with the world. And while the locations and concepts may change over time the idea behind Backstreet Atlas - not to skate real far or to even have to go anywhere, but to find the forgotten and the life in the things and places closest to us in an attempt to be a force for empowerment and change - will not. We hope you enjoy our work and maybe that it inspires you to go out into the world around them, to be a part of it, to engage in their communities, to learn something about themselves and others. We'll catch you out there!

If you're a person, an artist, a brand, a community, a group, a whatever who is interested in collaborating or chatting with us then please don't hesitate to hit us up!

- Zach and Adam